Fire Alarms

Does your business need a fire alarm? or perhaps you already have a fire alarm that requires its periodic service. Whatever your situation, British Fire And Security are IFEDA trained in Fire Alarm Design, Install and Maintenance. We are fully insured and experts in our field. We carry the responsibility of protecting you, your business and employees.

Servicing & Maintenance

Regular service and maintenance of fire alarms are crucial for ensuring the reliability and functionality of these life-saving systems. Neglected or malfunctioning fire alarms can fail to alert occupants during emergencies, leading to potential loss of life and property. Routine checks and upkeep not only ensure compliance with British Standards but also provide peace of mind that, in the event of a fire, the alarm system will function as intended.

We service all manufacturers of fire alarm systems, including: CTEC, Kentec, Notifier, Advanced, Gent, Mag, JSB, Haes and many more.

We work to the highest of standards and have experience of servicing and maintaining fire alarm systems in some of the most famous high street stores in the world, such as: Michael Kors, Radley, Penhaligons, L’Occitane, Gant, Charles Tyrwhitt, Lindt and more.

We install in 3 stages


Design involves planning a system based on specific requirements and goals. Installation is the process of setting up and integrating the designed system into its intended environment. Maintenance entails the regular upkeep, monitoring, and repair of the system to ensure its continuous and efficient operation.


We design your user-friendly system to the requirements of your building, occupants and any specific risks.


Our experienced installer gets to work ensuring your system is installed efficiently and of course to British Standards.


We monitor and maintain your fire alarm system to ensure it is working to manufacturers specifications.


Fire alarm systems are crucial for the safety of both residential and commercial properties, and West Yorkshire stands as a prime example of an area prioritizing this need. Covering key locations such as Hebden Bridge, Todmorden, Sowerby Bridge, Halifax, and Brighouse, there’s a growing demand for proficient fire alarm installation and maintenance services. Residents and businesses in these areas understand the paramount importance of having a well-functioning fire alarm system. By choosing expert installation and ensuring regular maintenance, they’re taking proactive measures against potential fire threats. As these West Yorkshire locations continue to expand and develop, the emphasis on high-quality fire safety measures, particularly reliable fire alarms, becomes even more essential. Whether it’s a quaint cottage in Hebden Bridge or a bustling business hub in Halifax, the commitment to fire safety remains consistent and unwavering.

In the heart of West Yorkshire, encompassing areas like Hebden Bridge, Todmorden, Sowerby Bridge, Halifax, and Brighouse, the significance of fire alarm systems cannot be understated. With the rise in modern infrastructures and the dense clustering of historical buildings, there’s an amplified need for top-notch fire alarm solutions. These towns, each with its unique charm, have recognized the necessity for not just installing, but also regularly maintaining these alarm systems to ensure optimal functionality. Local businesses, homeowners, and heritage sites alike, all appreciate the dual role these systems play – both as an early warning mechanism and a life-saving tool. As the region grows, professionals specializing in fire alarm installation and maintenance are increasingly sought after. Their expertise helps safeguard the rich history, vibrant communities, and future growth of West Yorkshire. This commitment ensures that whether you’re strolling through the scenic streets of Brighouse or conducting business in the bustling centers of Halifax, safety remains a top priority.