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Do you want quality affordable products and an engineer that cares?

Our wireless intruder alarms are affordable and user-friendly. Our expert installation offers robust protection without the need for hard-wired connections. No fuss and no mess.

Our CCTV systems are industry-leading surveillance solutions renowned for their high-quality imaging and advanced security features. App integration gives you 24/7 access.

Our British made, user-friendly fire alarm systems are essential safety devices designed to detect and alert individuals of potential fires in commercial spaces.

Our fire extinguishers are your ideal portable defence in suppressing and controlling small fires in emergency situations. Essential for any business.

Emergency Lighting

Our emergency lighting provides illumination during power outages, ensuring safe evacuation and navigation in potentially hazardous situations.

We provide fire risk assessments ensuring systematic evaluations of properties to identify fire hazards, mandated by the Fire Safety Act, 2005.


Recognized throughout Hebden Bridge, Todmorden, Sowerby Bridge, Brighouse, and the greater West Yorkshire region, British Fire And Security has set the industry benchmark for its unmatched commitment to ensuring community safety. Our portfolio encompasses the latest in fire alarm technologies, paired with indispensable services like fire risk assessments, thus creating a holistic fire safety net for our clients.

Additionally, our prowess extends to the realm of security; from resilient burglar alarms to cutting-edge CCTV systems, we ensure that every establishment remains fortified against unforeseen threats. Our dedicated team not only focuses on the seamless installation of these systems but is also profoundly involved in their regular servicing and maintenance. This ensures longevity and peak performance, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to the safety of West Yorkshire’s residents and businesses.

Beyond installations, as mentioned, we offer comprehensive fire risk assessments and PAT testing, ensuring that both residential and commercial properties are not only equipped with the best safety tools but also adhere to the highest standards of maintenance and functionality. Whether you’re seeking steadfast security solutions or preventive fire measures, British Fire And Security remains your trusted partner in protection.

At the heart of our fire and security operations is an unwavering commitment to exemplary customer service. Recognizing the critical nature of fire safety and security measures, we prioritize prompt responses, tailored solutions, and clear communication. Our trained professionals understand the nuances of fire alarms, fire extinguishers, CCTV systems, intruder/burglar alarms, emergency lights and security protocols, ensuring that each customer query is addressed with expertise and precision. By melding top-tier products with unparalleled service, we’ve solidified our reputation as the go-to choice for those prioritizing safety without compromising on customer experience.

With British Fire And Security, wether you’re in Hebden Bridge or throughout West Yorkshire, you’re not just investing in equipment but forging a partnership in enduring safety and peace of mind.