Their Worst Knightmare.

Our products ensure that you always remain one step ahead of intruders, ensuring your safety and protecting your assets.

No.1 Performer, Stunning.

The sleek Pyronix keypad seamlessly blends modern design with cutting-edge security technology. The perfect mix.

Secure, Modern Wireless System.

Wireless intruder alarms offer enhanced flexibility, easy installation, providing you with effective security without hassle.

Car Defender Vehicle Protector

Cutting edge technology which attaches to your vehicle and links to your home alarm system, alerting you to any disturbances.

The Pyronix Enforcer wireless alarm system, manufactured and made in Sheffield, UK is revered for its reliability, ensuring that home and business owners can enjoy peace of mind. It has two-way wireless technology, which not only reduces installation time but minimizes potential signal interference. A system that Britain can be truly proud of.

The Enforcer boasts a sleek design, blending effortlessly into modern home and business aesthetics. In conclusion, the Pyronix Enforcer epitomizes the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and user-centric design.


In the heart of West Yorkshire, spanning locations from Hebden Bridge to Todmorden, Sowerby Bridge, and Brighouse, the shift towards wireless intruder alarms is palpable. As modern security solutions gain traction, residents and businesses alike are recognizing the unmatched benefits of these wireless systems. Without the need for complex wiring, these burglar alarms are swiftly becoming the gold standard in both convenience and efficiency.

With advanced sensors and real-time alerts, they provide homeowners and businesses with an added layer of protection against potential break-ins. As the forefront providers in security, we ensure that our wireless intruder and burglar alarm systems meet the highest standards, delivering peace of mind to our valued clientele.

Serving the distinct needs of the West Yorkshire community, our state-of-the-art wireless Pyronix intruder alarms ensure robust protection against potential threats. For those residing or operating in Hebden Bridge and its neighbouring towns, our solutions offer a seamless blend of modern technology and peace of mind, fortifying homes and businesses against unwelcome surprises.